03 January 2014

Revisiting the Bag Of Evil and beyond 1st Line Gear

As promised, here we go.  This post will cover the stuff I put in my pockets when I leave the house.  As you will see in my 2nd Line (Bag Of Evil) and 3rd Line (Bag Of Evil extended) posts, I am all about redundancy.  In my experience in an emergency, you will need all of the stuff you do any other day but you will not be able to go back for them and what you have can often fail.  Also, as with the rest of our lives, it is the little things that make or break you.

Here is what I carry.  Some things like the folder and watch are subject to change based on my mood.

Folder- Spyderco Manix (gift from a brother)
Light- Streamlight Microstream (incredible AA light with tons of throw)
Wallet- Stingray (tough stuff) containing credentials, cards etc, as well as as the Crawford Titanium Credit Card Knife (I worked with them to redesign for use with Inverted Edge Tactics)
Pistol- in this case a Taurus Model 85 Ultra Lite.  This was my back up gun when I was on the street, bobbed hammed and Duracoated Battleship Gray.  Carried in a Southern Sidekick Reinforced by R Grizzle Leather.
Speed Strip
Leatherman Juice S2 and P7 Suspension Clip
Titanium Moustache Comb by John Gray
Money Clip by Mike Draper- cash and folded unlined index card (so damn useful for note taking)
Watch- Citizen Nighthawk watch on Zulu band
Titanium Wedding Ring
Pen- Pentel EnerGel Alloy (so comfortable to write with and you can put an eye out with it)
Burt's Bees Lip Balm
Listerine tabs (damn coffee breath)

Munroe Dangler
Titanium Dog Tag (filled out like my issued one)
BSA Fire Starter (if you cannot make fire with this...PRACTICE)
Photon Light Red
Cuff Key
Brian Fellhoelter Whistle Popper
Sliver Grippers
Wardog Sharpener  

So, two knives and three lights just in 1st Line gear and my pockets are not that heavy.  Coming up 2nd Line Gear including SO Tech MARTAC review.

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