30 January 2014

New favorite impact/control tool

Recently on a forum someone posed the question of within arms reach what is the best pre-fight stopper, the gun or the knife.  Here is my answer.

The hierarchy of what "stops" a person-
Central Nervous System
Structural System
Circulatory System

This is basically Combative Anatomy-the study of how to stop a person in the minimum amount of time, not kill them eventually. Given the scenario at hand leads me to believe they are with arms reach if the knife is an option. Both the knife and pistol would primarily effect the circulatory system (bleeding out). This is likely to cause eventual death but can be slow at stopping people. Smashing the pommel of the knife or butt of the gun into their head would anatomically stop them quicker. I saw this very well evidenced some years ago when I was doing the edged weapons program for the US Air Force Special Operation Command's DAGRE teams at Hurlburt Field FL. I had given the lesson on Combative Anatomy already and we were "knife fighting" because the contract called for it. Two steely eyed barrel chested freedom fighters were going at it with two of the hard rubber dagger type training knives when one landed a pommel strike on the other. The guy was knocked out cold, like a light switch, and suffered nine stitches.... from a rubber training knife pommel and when he woke up had no idea what happened.

As with the scenario the problem with guns and knives is that they need to be deployed, and before being deployed they need to be carried, and they cannot be carried everywhere. Just got this little gem yesterday and it resides in the watch pocket of my jeans. As an experiment I made my coffee and breakfast while wearing it yesterday. Try that with any gun. knife, or any of the other impact tools that are the rage these days. Plus it is carbon fiber and that is just damn tactical.

For more information contact Steve at SJF Knives


  1. George, this is a great article and I am humbled by your endorsement. Like you said, the ultimate goal is to prevent a fight and the last thing we would do with these is use them as a knuckle. You have opened my eyes to an unprecedented level of skill in modern combative techniques and I look forward to learning more from you in the future. -Steve sjfknives

  2. Stephen, it is all about how you look at things. Loving my Ninja MC.

  3. What is it called? How much?