04 January 2014

Mindset for measured response

After two decades of careful consideration, I now carry folding knives as tools that could be used for self defense and not weapons that could be used as tools. I am of the opinion based on ease of carry and use that impact weapons in the way of pens, flashlights, and canes are the way to go. Not only can you take them anywhere, but as impact weapons they are the best way to stop a fight using Combative Anatomy to attack the Central Nervous System comprised of the head and spine. But in keeping with my mindset, I do see the need to be able to use anything you carry as a weapon and identify when and how it would be used. When it comes to folders, I believe Inverted Edge Tactics is the best option as it requires little training and most of that time is spent on being able to deploy your folder from disadvantaged positions. If for some reason I could not carry a pistol based on work environment, age, or law, I would carry a fixed blade. Even in this scenario the fixed blade being my primary mechanical deadly force option would only be a back up to my open hand combative, impact weapons, and environmental weapons. At contact distance, a stick in your hand is worth more than a gun or knife on your hip. Impact weapons also afford you a measured response that may allow you to use a much lower level of force to deal with a situation. Once a gun or knife is deployed, that option is off the table. The goal is not to win, but prevail, and prevail means balancing your exposure to the government by using only the force you need to walk away and being a whole person after the event.

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