29 January 2014

ITAK (Individual Trauma Action Kit)

One of my favorite Facebook memes because it is so damn true.  Once people are settled into the classroom on the first day of a firearms class, I ask who is there to shoot and they all raise their hand.  Then I ask who has the gear to treat a gunshot wound within arms reach.  Not so many hands unless they have trained with me before.  All of a sudden it is added to their shopping list.

The thing about blowout kits is that they are not cheap, but the cost of being without one if you need it is much more costly.  I have several of these kits and they are all over from the Bag Of Evil to vehicles and range bags.  My newest one, and favorite, is from ITAK Medical.  It contains the items that are most likely to save a life in the worst case scenarios.  One thing I really like is that all the contents are printed nice and big on a card inside the vacuum sealed bag.  If you look around at other blowout kits, you will see this one is very reasonably priced and contains some items that more expensive kits do not.  Consider picking one up and adding it to your own Bag Of Evil.

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