09 December 2013

Titanium Combs from John Gray Knives

John Gray and I first met when we both used to set up shop at the Valley Forge Gun Show in King of Prussia PA.  John has a fine eye for both firearms and knives.  Over the last couple of years, he has begun to turn out some seriously overbuilt folders (hopefully I will be reviewing one of these too).  Yesterday while attending the Chesapeake Knife show I met with John to see what was new and interesting.  John, knowing my affinity for both improvised weapons and Titanium, shared these two beauties with me.

People have a fixation with finding the ultimate combat fixed blade or folder that they will never have the time and opportunity to use.  You also cannot walk around with them in your hand or for that matter carry them anywhere.  These are different.  Seldom do I add anything to my 1st Line EDC (stuff carried on my body).  I usually just upgrade current gear.  These made the cut because Lord knows I want my mustache and goatee to look good.  These will make excellent improvised impact as well as edged weapons.  Some people at the show made the mistake of asking how.  Both feature a bottle opener, and the Comb-Rambit on top features a slot that serves the same purpose as a pocket clip.  On the top of the finger hole is also a regular screwdriver tip along with some other nasty DNA grabbers.  The bottom one is simply a comb/bottle opener.  I hope to have some video of me playing with these (with my daughter's boyfriend as my Uke) up soon.

In the meantime, check out these and John's amazing folders at John Gray Knives, and tell him I sent ya.  You are going to want to pick up one of his knives now before he goes full on Rockstar.

Picture background is a shemagh available from our friends at Spartan Blades USA.

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