15 September 2013

Knife magazines annoy me

Made the mistake of thumbing through a Knife magazine today while at the grocer store.  It funny reading the descriptions to knives actually being used as tools, and the fantasies made up for the "fighting knives".   If you want to carry a knife because you like the way it looks then just do it.  The other thing that just makes me shake my head is the articles showing all the different ways in which you could use edged weapons for self defense.  Except for some little known, hard to document stories, the chance of you having the time and opportunity to deploy a knife of your own slim to none.  For you to deploy your own deadly force option you would first have to have deadly force deployed against you and we know that you will seldom see an edged weapon that you are attacked with.  So in your fantasy, are you using your knife against a firearm, or against an angry mob.  If you are just getting into this stuff or want to snap into reality, don't believe all the bullshit and fairy in these rags and instead train first in open hand combatives for reality.

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