08 July 2013

Training for the worst possible situations-that is what we do

The picture below is of the "One Gun Drill" that we do in our Combative Pistol Course.  Has your training prepared for to be the gun on top trying to get his gun out?  How about the guy on top trying to keep the gun out of play?  One is using all open hand skills, and the other open hand skills in addition to his pistol.  We know now more than ever that this is a likely situation.  This picture was taking in MAY 08 at a Combative Pistol course in Miami.  Oh, and one more question, you come around the corner and see this, who is the good guy?

1 comment:

  1. I never assume anyone I don't know/recognize already (unless in a uniform I can readily ID) is the good guy. Too many years overseas, making sure I don't involve myself in other's drama, I guess.