07 July 2013

The Trinity by Sean Kendrick-a quick look

Because I have long admired his work and count him as a brother, when I go the idea for my most recent knife design, I know that Sean Kendrick was the man for the job.

The result was the Trinity.  The trinity has three options for the user; first the slightly upswept blade can be used for traditional cutting, the top edge is is sharpened and also take advantage of the upsweep, making it excellent for Inverted Edge Tactics, and lastly it has an exposed pommel to be used as an impact weapon to hammer fist.  This is accomplished without a change in grips and relies solely on default vs intentional targeting.  When you feel resistance on the blade you just pull.

By design the handle is bigger in proportion to the blade.  It is meant to be held in a "Gorilla grip".  This coupled with the stubby s35vn steel  blade greatly increases retention..  Their is file work forward of the grip and before the top edge allowing you to choke up on the knife for precision work if needed.  Great care should be used when doing this since the top edge as well as the bottom chisel grind edged are quite sharp.

The steel is .165 thick.  With an OAL of 8 inches, a bottom cutting surface of 3 inches and the top blade having a 2 inch cutting surface it reminds me of a Rhinoceros horn.  The scales are black/green G10 and the blade finish is electro chemical.

Currently the Trinity is a one of but that may change.

Here the Trinity is pictured Fatty Sap from D3 Protection and a Taurus Model 85 in a Southern Sidekick Holster by R Grizzle Leather

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