08 July 2013

SKEEDU - Selection, Carry, Deployment, and Use

No matter what tool you are talking about it comes down to SCDU (SKEEDU)-

Selection- what are your requirements based on law and intended use.

Carry- how do you plan to carry your tool so that it is readily accessible.

Deployment- for what reason would you deploy your weapon, is it a mechanical (less lethal) option, or is it only a counter for deadly force?  How do you get it the weapon into action under every circumstance you and others can imagine. Also ask if there is continuity between the tools you are carrying.

Use- we rank it last when most rank it first and spend all their time concentrating on it. Anyone can cut or shoot someone if they can get their weapon out. But bravado and wanting to become "advanced" keeps people fixated on the next best way to use their favorite tool.

It is all about DEPLOYMENT, the when and how that is the stumbling point.

Use is a no brainer if you are on the offense, but most here will likely never be, offensive prowess does not equal defensive skill.

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