11 July 2013

Deputy shoots man with a knife on traffic stop

The video shows a deputy shooting an EDP (Emotionally Disturbed Person) who attacks him with a knife.  The deputy was on a traffic stop with another person when the EDP, a pedestrian, armed with an umbrella and a knife confronts him.  The deputy is able to get a shot off and the man falls.  Here are my takeaways from the video-

1)  Once people get two hands on the gun they usually only move straight backwards.
2)  Once people get both hands on the gun they seldom remove one to defend themselves.

Consider if the deputy did not have space behind him to move.  People always talk about having their backs against the wall as well as gaining distance, how do you do both?

Had the one round not stopped the attacker, what could deputy do to physically block/evade the knife with both hands on the gun?

We can see that even when we know cover/concealment/or physical barrier is close, when the shit hits the fan we loose perspective of where we are in relation to it.  The deputy, not having a hand to navigate with only sidestepped to the rear of the truck after the first round put the suspect down.

This is a police officer but EDPs are something that any of us do and can encounter.  How would you have responed to this with your pistol, have you trained for it?  How would you respond if you did not have a pistol?  Have you trained for that?

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