29 June 2013

"I'll tell you what I would do" Blah Blah Blah

A little rant I went on in Blade Forums about all the steely eyed life takers talking about what they would have done in reference to the viral home invasion video, this is sure to hurt some feelings.

Where was there room to create distance in the video? She was in no position to throw punches. I would like to see the same guy attack all the internet commandos who know exactly what they would do in this situation situation with them having a gun, knife, hammer OC spray or whatever on the table right in front of them much less in a sheath or holster. What you will find is that your hands will come up in a natural protective response as her's did. All she saw was a flash of movement coming at her and everyone else here would as well. Once your hands are naturally engaged in protecting your head, they do not want to come down and fish for a weapon. And if you are carrying a gun or a knife for personal protection, do you train to draw it in defense of a roundhouse punch? There was a time where he broke contact, and at that time she had an opportunity to arm herself with improvised weapons. The problem is that you do not recognize options under combat stress unless you identified them beforehand. I am also sure many will go on an on about how they would have had their gun on. The truth is that when you are home your gun may be close but not always on you. You need to have open hand skills. We spend a lot of time training to defend against roundhouse punches at full speed because it is what starts most fights and is likely to take many out of the fight. When I look at this attack I worry less about what I would have done and more about what my wife or kids would do. Are you educating and training them? Or are you holding off until they can carry guns and knives? Give me a break. Rant mode off.

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