15 June 2013

Example of what can happen when breaking up a domestic dispute

 Baltimore County Maryland- Man stabs another man after breaking up domestic dispute 

Had he had the knife on him when he stopped and the guy failed to comply to verbal commands this may have turned out differently.  The guys stopped assaulting the female and turned his attention to the Good Samaritan (we have a scenario for this because it is so common) and an argument ensued.  The Good Samaritan, feeling either threatened, or justified because the guy  had been assaulting a female, goes to his trunk and gets a knife and stabs the "bad guy".  Guess who went to jail?  Now just imagine if the guy had instead gotten out of the car with an innocuous cane instead.  During an altercation ego and emotion have a lot to do with what happens, but they cannot be used to defend your actions.  I am not saying not to get involved, only you need to realizes you are probably jumping into a movie that has been taking place for a long time.  You will not be treated like a knight in shining armor.  Basically what you do on the battlefield will be judged in a boardroom.  Think, and train accordingly.

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