16 April 2013

Boston, would you be an asset or a liability?

There are many skill sets that must be acquired if you want to be prepared to respond to the most likely scenarios.  Near the top of the list is first aid, and in particular, what we call  TIMS (Traumatic Injury Management Skills).  First you make sure you are OK, and then you look for others to help.  Yesterday in Boston is exactly what we are talking about.  You are out and about and there is either a natural or manmade disaster. 

The worse an injury is, the less you are able to do to treat it as a first responder.  But, what you do and how fast you do it can mean the difference between life and death.  You will not have time to go grab anything.  You will either have it with you or you will have to improvise.  You will also not be able to stop with one person and may need to treat several.  Look at this picture below of a traumatic amputation.  If you have no clue as to how to treat it, stop what you are doing and search on Youtube until you can find a class or better information.  There is no time to wait.  This will happen again and you may be there.  Listed below the picture are the topics we cover in TIMS and the ones you need to know.  Share as much information with your kids as you feel comfortable. It may be your life or their own they save.  Knowledge saves more lives than equipment, especially on the scene.

·        Massive hemorrhage (heavy bleeding)
·        Airway management
·        Respiration (CPR)
·        Circulatory (Shock)
·        Penetrating injuries
·        Traumatic amputations
·        Burns
·        Eye injuries

Here at MCS we want to say God Bless all of those in Boston, not just the victims but to the heroes sworn and unsworn who ran towards the blasts when others ran away.

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