26 March 2013

Why we carry spare ammo and mags for our handguns

I have seen threads on several forums in reference to who carries spare ammo for their handguns and why.  One of the major misconceptions I see both on the forums and in classes is that people think that the spare ammo they carry is solely based on their expected need during an altercation.  It is commonly accepted that in most cases you will fire 3-5 rounds during an armed confrontation.  But remember it is also commonly accepted that many scenarios will involve more than one bad guy.  Here is what we practice, preach, and the reasoning behind it.

For revolvers and single stack autos I carry a spare magazine or speed strip first for a admin reload after the fight, and secondly for a combat reload during the fight. For a double stack auto pistol I carry a spare mag first as a remedy a tumbled mag, and secondly for a combat or admin reload. Keeping your mind moving by doing things like managing your ammo keeps you thinking and moving after an altercation when people sometimes shut down.

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