15 March 2013

Using a knife for SD & the Ziomerman effect

I try to avoid using any force at all, but know that it cannot always be avoided. But more then that I hope I never have to use a knife in self-defense. The reason being is that if you google "knife used in self-defense", "woman uses knife for self-defense", or "man uses knife for self defense' you will find little except for a few stories about someone using a butcher knife to scare off a home intruder. Stories about someone using a knife usually feature a bad guy, and that is what the public knows. As soon as you are involved in an incident where you use a knife and it is reported to police, it will soon after be on the internet. It will likely get lots of attention, especially places like the on knife forums because just like gun owners love to share stories about people defending themselves with a gun, knife people will do the same. But there are lots of people using guns to defend themselves, with few stories of people using a knife in self-defense you will get a lot of attention.

I realize that lots of people say "rather to be tried by 12 than carried by 6", and people who say that have usually never sat in a police interview room much less had all their information plastered all over the net. Think about how fast George Zimmerman became a household word. That could happen to anyone reading this.

Stuff to think about before it happens. To me it makes the awareness, avoidance, verbal commands, open hand combatives that much more important.- George

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