13 March 2013

Edged Weapon Survival 13APR13 Thurmont MD

Edged Weapon Survival
Saturday 13 April 2013
6830 Putman Rd Thurmont MD 21788
Morning Session 9:00- 12:00- Spontaneous Attack Survival
SAS is intended to give the student a solid foundation in combatives.  SAS is based on human psychology, anatomy, and physiology, as it relates to interpersonal combat at contact distance.  Emphasizing defending against edged weapons forces the student to maintain control of the attacker until they are no longer a threat.  Responding to every attack as if it were an edged weapon attack insures favorable outcomes in the most disadvantaged situations.

The following firearms training topics will be covered:

·         Judicious use of deadly force
·         Combative Anatomy
·         Why pressure points fail
·         Three phases of combat
·         Myths of knife fighting
·         How bad guys select, carry, and use edged weapons
·         Preparatory and Execution movements
·         Three phases of an edged weapon attack
·         Use of personal weapons
·         Fighting off  your stomach
·         Fighting off  your back
·         Using your environment as a weapon
·         Vertical Stabilization (staying on your feet)
·         Your environment as a weapon
·         Force on force drills and scenarios against open hand, impact, and edged weapons.

 Afternoon Session 12:30-3:30- Inverted Edge Tactics

Inverted Edge Tactics is for the person who may have to rely on an edged weapon to save their life, but does not wish to attend ongoing training to learn “knife fighting” secrets. IET requires no prior training and does not rely on any specialized blades. IET is the only defense driven edged weapon system.  This is the only system for using an edged weapon for defense that works for all three phases of combat; standing free range movement, clinch, and on the ground. The class is taught with provided Spyderco Endura trainers. 

The following topics will be covered:

  Knife fighting vs defending yourself with a knife
·         Selection of a primary defensive knife (fixed and folder)
·         Carry of the primary defensive knife
·         Carry vs Deployment options
·         Deployment of the primary defensive knife
·         Judicious use of deadly force

 The cost for each session is $60, or attend both sessions for $99.  To register, e-mail us at MCS521@gmail.com or call 717-889-1753.  Space for both sessions is limited.  Register now.

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