16 March 2013

7 X 7 Personal Protection Course

The 7 X 7 Personal Protection course is basically the citizen equivalent to our Total Officer Survival course in that it provides the attendee with the knowledge and an integrated skill set to manage interpersonal conflict based on the needs of their application.  This 2 Day course is MCS from the ground up and includes-

Day I AM- Spontaneous Attack Survival

Day 1 PM- Inverted Edge Tactics

Day 2 AM- Combative Pistol

Day 2 PM- Vehicle Tactics

When these classes are taken separately they are 8 hrs each (32 hrs) .  The 7 X 7 course can be completed in 16 hrs because the Modern Combative System is based on human anatomy, physiology, and psychology.  These things are usually covered in each course (four times) but by design are covered first thing on day one.  This allows us to pass on much more information in a shorter period of time.

Course includes intense force on force drills and scenarios with supplied training gear including KWA Glock 17 Airsoft Pistols w/ kydex holsters, Airsoft Face masks, Spyderco Endura training knife, and other equipment and props.  

Required equipment- wrap around eye protection, note taking materials

Recommended equipment- Blue Gun that fits your EDC holster, Spyderco Endura training knife (or equivelant) cup, mouth piece, forearm pads, towel.

Those 16 years of age or older may attend with parent/guardian

Hosting requirements- Large room with seating for up to 15 people.  TV with HDMI hook up & lap top for Power Point. Parking lot or large driveway for force on force.

For more information call 717-889-1753 or e-mail us.

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