25 February 2013

More knife fighting siliness

In response to a thread on a forum about the best "knife fighting" system.

I think you are as likely to become involved in a "knife fight" in which both of you are armed with a knife, as you are to shoot someone point blank with a sniper rifle.  Comes down to time an opportunity.

When it comes to well placed cuts.... many people who laugh at people who ask why the police don't shoot the gun out of the bad guys hand, or shoot him in the leg, think they are going to be able to target a specific muscle at contact distance.  I guess I just don't have that kind of confidence in my skills.  That is why I prefer the use of default vs intentional targeting in Inverted Edge Tactics.  In my honest opinion you are way more likely to have to cut someone off of you then attack one of their limbs or stab them.

I also see a failure in much of the knife fighting culture to acknowledge that at best a knife will only be part of the fight, like a gun will, especially at contact distance.  They also fail to realize that offense and defense has to work for all three phases of combat; standing free range movement, clinch, and ground control.  Do they train to draw their knife when their attack is unarmed but has just just smashed their head into a wall.

IMHO if you just enjoy "knife fighting" as an art or skill like fencing that is awesome.  But if you spend the majority of your time fighting knife on knife and think it is preparing you for the real world you are just another sub-culture of the Tactical LARPER.

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