28 February 2013

Total Officer Survival 10/11 JUL 2013 Stapleton AL

Law Enforcement Academy Baldwin County
15950 Mosley Road
Stapleton, AL
(251) 937-1840
Total Officer Survival
July 10 – 11, 2013
The APOSTC Law Enforcement Academy Baldwin County will present Total Officer Survival. This course will be held July 10 – 11, 2013 at the Academy located at 15950 Mosley Road, Stapleton, AL  36578.  Class will be held from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. each day.  The tuition for this course will be $150.00 per person to include handout materials, classroom supplies, refreshments, etc. There is a requirement of prepayment of tuition for the course. In order for this class to be conducted there must be at least 10 students prepaid.  Maximum number of students allowed for this class will be 25, so please register early.

This course is being presented by Modern Combative Systems. Instructor: George Matheis.

This intensive two day course is intended to help the in-service officer develop the mindset and tactics needed to survive deadly force encounters.

Day 1 AM – Spontaneous Attach Suppression (formerly Edged Weapon Survival)
Judicious use of deadly force
Combative Anatomy
Three stages of an attack
Defense against most common attacks

Day 1 PM – Combative Pistol                                                     Day 2 – Patrol Tactics
Intention vs. Default Targeting                                                   defining the modern police mission
Drawing in response to furtive movements                                Preparation for duty
Drawing in response to physical contact                                    Three contact environments
Drawing after being knocked down                                            Three types of contacts
Weapon retention in and out of the holster                                 Team tactics
Shooting on the move and around vehicles

Required Equipment – eye protection, gun belt, extra t-shirt, loose leaf notebook
Recommended equipment – mouth guard, cup, towel, body armor, Blue/Red Gun.

Edged Weapon Survival for LE
If you ask most cops about how they deal with the edged weapon threat, they are likely to say something about “shooting the bad guy” or staying 21 feet away.

In Edged Weapon Survival for LE, we first dispel the myths.  We then teach about the realty of the edged weapon threat in law enforcement and how to manage it.

This course is designed to supplement the officers existing defensive tactical skill sets.

Topics to be covered:
>  Physics of edged weapons use                           >  Offenders’ selection, carry, deployment, and use of edged weapons
>  Combative Anatomy                                          >  Constant Tactical Positioning
>  Danger of task fixation                                       >  Understanding Preparatory Movement
>  Underestimation of verbal commands

To register for this class you, register online at www.swapa.us, print out blank registration form and fax it to the number indicated, or contact the Academy at (251)937-1840. 

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