17 January 2013

Vehicle Tactics Course

Course- Vehicle Tactics 

Pre-requisite: None

Course Description: High Threat Driving is everything you do behind the wheel of a vehicle that is moving. Vehicle Tactics is everything you do when for whatever reason your vehicle is unable to move. We spend a large portion of our lives in close proximity to vehicles. This intensive two day course is intended to teach you to use a vehicle as a tactical asset.
The following firearms training topics will be covered:

·         Use of Force
·         Vehicle transit planning and consideration
·         Vehicle exiting sequence
·         Use of open hand combatives, impact weapons, and firearms around the vehicle
·         Managing the 360 degree threat
·         Constant Tactical Positioning
·         Making a family plan

Course will include force on force drills and scenarios with provided KWA Glock 17 Airsofts and support gear. 

Course duration: 1 day (8 hours) 

Course tuition: Call for pricing 

Course student limit: 24 

Student requirements: Wrap around eye protection, mouth piece, Blue Gun with holster, training knives

Recommended equipment: 
Comfortable clothes, headgear, forearm pads, personal airsoft and holster, water bottle

Hosting requirements:  Large room.  Ability to use Power Point is helpful but not required, large parking lot, at least three vehicles

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