15 January 2013

Total Officer Survival 04-05 APR 13 Painesville OH

The Lake Metroparks Rangers are hosting
Modern Combative Systems

Total Officer Survival
April 4-5 2013
Lake Metroparks Environmental Learning Center
7200 Alexander Rd
Painesville OH 44077

This intensive two day course is intended to help the in-service officer develop the mindset and tactics needed to survive deadly force encounters.

Day I AM- Spontaneous Attack Suppression
·         Judicious use of deadly force
·         Combative Anatomy
·         Three stages of an attack
·         Defense against most common attacks

Day I PM- Combative Pistol
·         Intentional vs Default Targeting
·         Drawing in response to furtive movement
·         Drawing in response to physical contact
·         Drawing after being knocked down
·         Weapon retention in and out of the holster
·         Shooting on the move and around vehicles
Day II- Patrol Tactics
·         Defining the modern police mission
·         Preparation for duty
·         Three contact environments
·         Three types of contacts
·         Team tactics

Course is $150 per officer; this includes all training materials, certification, force on force equipment and expert witness testimony in and departmental, criminal, or civil action within in the scope of material covered.
Required equipment- eye protection, gun belt, extra t-shirt, loose leaf notebook
Recommended equipment- mouth guard, cup, towel, body armor, Blue/Red Gun
To register, e-mail MCS521@gmail.com with your name, agency, and phone number.  We accept purchase orders, credit cards, and personal checks.
For more information please contact Lt. Jim Smallwood at 440-358-7290
Modern Combative Systems LLC
PO Box 143
Felton PA 17322

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