02 January 2013

Three mechanical phases of an attack

There are three phases to any weapon attack...deploying, menacing, and attacking. The best time to counter attack is while they are deploying. The second best is while they are attacking, which usually forces your attacker to commit to an angle.. In my personal experience, the times I defended I was either being attacked or very close. I think lots of people, especially those who carry firearms, envision menacing, standoff type scenarios, where they have time and distance to draw their pistol. Within arms reach your best bet is to foul the deployment. If you find yourself facing a edged/impact weapon at distance your best bet is any physical barrier you can get between you and the attacker. Just make sure you don't fall into the trap of running around something like a car to get away from them. The person chasing you has a better balance and angles. Things like vehicles, walls, tables. counters. This may give you time to find an improvised weapon.

 The other night I was watching one of the prison shows and they had a guy who was doing life for murder. He was in an office for a meeting over a write up. Just to side of the table the prisoner (handcuffed in front) was sitting at was a full coffee pot. I was wondering if either the offender or the staff saw that full coffee pot for the weapon I did. A full pot of scalding hot coffee to the face, followed up by a glass coffee pot smashed over your head would be pretty effective.

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