25 January 2013

The war on Personal Responsibility and Self-Reliance

There is a cultural war being raged.  It is a war on personal responsibility.  The most current battle is that of gun control.

On one side, you have those who favor gun control.  They loathe personal responsibility in their lives and that of others.  The most recent push for laws that restrict gun ownership is a result of the emotion stemming from Sandy Hook.   By saying that people should not own certain types of firearms, they are saying that they believe that the individual has no responsibility to protect themselves from harm.  That responsibility falls on the state.  A state that has proven time and time again, even at the level of the Supreme Court, that it has no obligation to protect the individual citizen.  Another facet of their belief is that nobody besides the state should ever be saddled with the responsibility of possessing arms.  Part of this belief is that keeping firearms away from a person removes their propensity of violence.  There are no violent objects, only violent people.

Those who embrace the 2nd Amendment on the other hand accept that the individual is personally responsible for their own safety.  Not only do they not have an expectation that the state will protect them, they embrace the American ideal that the right to personal protection lies within each American.

The purpose of the State is to serve, not control, it’s citizens.  But like any parasite, it counts on the host to live and become bigger and stronger.  The state ensures this by continually creating ailments and providing the remedy.  This is not unlike a chained up starved dog who is provided food by a master who beats it.  Eventually, the dog resigns itself to the fact that the being chained and beat are the price it pays to be fed, and sees no other source of food, so it begins to take the beatings in stride.  He loses the will to find food other than that which is provided.

Where is the personal responsibility and accountability in our country today?  Where do our children see examples of adults taking ownership of their mistakes and admitting they were wrong?  Not from our politicians or athletes.  Not from absentee or unavailable parents.  Instead, they learn to spin reality so that they do not have to take any responsibility for their actions.

Self-reliance is a very frightening thing to those who wish to control others.   Whenever  an individual needs something, no matter how big or small, their first reaction should be to do it themselves.  This is the first part of personal responsibility.

If you are hungry….eat.
If you need money…..work.
If you are attacked …..defend yourself.

If you are unable to provide things for yourself, for whatever reason, you should have family and friends who can provide you what you cannot provide yourself.

Anything provided to the citizen from the state comes at the cost of dependence.  There is an outstanding bill that is tearfully paid by the loss of freedom and liberty.

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