02 January 2013

Professional Carry Option

The reasoning behind taking your time in the selection of your EDC tools is so that you don't end up wasting time and money on things that you will not carry. Once you have chosen a fixed blade, the next logical step is to figure out how to carry it no matter the environment you find yourself in. The solution to that problem is the Professional Carry Option (PCO).

The PCO is based on the belief that a dedicated warrior should carry the same primary defensive fixed blade knife as much as possible, no matter the circumstances. The way the PCO accommodates this is by having three different kydex sheaths for the same knife. All three sheaths should come from the knife maker or sheath maker free from permanent attachments.

The primary carry option is the one that will be utilized to wear the knife most of the time. For most people, this is dictated by lifestyle and work environment. Many people have found that the best option for their primary carry option is the Mercharness or the TacticalTether.

The secondary carry option is often based on your mode of dress and activities in your leisure time. This carry option is usually complimentary of the primary carry option and can be used in tandem if a second fixed blade is worn. For example, one fixed blade worn on a mercharness and another on a Tactical Tether.

The third carry option is usually a spare sheath that can be attached to load bearing equipment, back pack, or maybe even for off body carry. This is easily done with zip ties or parachute cord if you want a low cost mounting alternative.  Recently, I have become fond of mounting a Spyderco G clip or standard metal badge clip.  This allows it to be hastily carried in the waist band no matter what you are wearing.

With a quality knife, three quality sheaths, a Mercharness and Tactical Tether you would have several options. You would also not be left with a box of hardware that leaves you with carry options that lack deployment capabilities. You can now carry the knife no matter your mode of dress, environment, or activity.
We have all purchased nice production or custom knives that came with one poorly thought out or poorly made sheath.  This often means that a great knife goes uncarried, or carried very little.

This allows you to get the most out of the knife in the way of carry time and functionality. There are usually no screws to mess with or parts to move.  All you have to do is take the knife out and put it in another sheath.

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