10 December 2012

Edged Weapon Survival SAT 19JAN13 New Freedom PA

Edged Weapon Survival 
SAT 19JAN12 9 AM - 5 PM
 Hampton Inn Shrewsbury  
1000 Far Hills Drive, New Freedom, Pennsylvania, 17349, USA TEL: 1-717-235-9898

This course is intended to inoculate you to the violence of edged weapon.  First how to defend, and then out to use your tactical folder as a back up weapon.
Morning Session – Spontaneous Attack Survival

This intensive four hour course is intended to give the student a solid foundation in combatives.  SAS is based on human psychology, anatomy, and physiology, as it relates to interpersonal combat at contact distance.
Topics covered include-

  • ·         Judicious use of deadly force
  • ·         Combative Fundamentals
  • ·         Combative Anatomy
  • ·         Defending against the most common  attacks
  • ·         Use of personal weapons
  • ·         Vertical Stabilization  (staying on your feet)
  • ·         Your environment as a weapon
  • ·         Force on force  drills and scenarios against open hand, impact, and edged weapon attacks

Afternoon Session – Inverted Edge Tactics
Inverted Edge Tactics is for the person who may have to rely on an edged weapon to save their life but does not wish to attend ongoing training to learn “knife fighting” secrets. IET requires no prior training and does not rely on any specialized blades. IET is the only defense driven edged weapon system.  The class is taught with provided Spyderco Endura trainers. Topics included-

  • Knife fighting vs defending yourself with a knife
  • Selection of a primary defensive folder
  •  Carry of the primary defensive folder
  •  Deployment of the primary defensive folder
  •  Default vs intentional targeting
  •  Using the primary defensive folder during free range movement, clinch, and ground control

Cost $120 per person and includes a certificate for both sessions and subject matter expert testimony in any departmental, criminal, or civil proceedings as it pertains to the used of subject matter covered.

Pre-registration is required by 02JAN13.  We accept cash or check, or you can pay with your credit card through Pay Pal to MCS521@gmail.com.  Call to 717-889-1753 or e-mail us to reserve your spot today.

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