17 November 2012

Warbonnet Superfly Ground Tarp - First Look

Warbonnet Outdoors is working on a version of their Superfly Tarp that is intended to replace a tent.  I took receipt of the prototype a few weeks back but had not had a chance to set it up until today.  First of all it weighs in at 19 oz.

Even with the time it took me to cut paracord to attach to the ends and the tie outs it took me less then 30 minutes to set it up.  In the shown configuration it took 13 tent stakes to set it up.  It would be 14 but I used one to totally close one end.  I used the same light weight stakes that I use with my hammock set up, they are lightweight and sturdy.  You could cut your own, but that takes time and energy, so I find it easier to carry mine.

Pacing it off I would estimate that the tarp is 13 feet long, and about 6.5 wide.  Three grown men and their gear could easily fit inside.  My kids have decided to sleep in there tonight.

Soon I plan on setting it up in a different configuration to simulate not having the trees to tie off to, and instead will use two sapplings as poles.   You could also use hiking sticks.

Something else to look forward to is that I am currently working on a project with Warbonnet Outdoors to design a tarp intended to be carried in the Bag of Evil.  The concept called the IPT (Individual Protective Tarp) is will be designed as a small, lightweight, packable tarp, that has plenty of tie outs allowing it to be rigged up in so many ways you will only be limited by your imagination.

Here is how I set up the tie outs on the side of the tarp to increase interior size.  By using the stick as a toggle, you better distribute weight across the side.

Showing how to close off the doors.

The interior.

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  1. How do the doors close on this? Do they zip?