28 November 2012

Basic Bag of Evil Packing List

Recently Jim Cragg, the president of SoTech asked me to list what items I felt should be carried in a Go Bag.  Here is the list.  Some items are hyperlinked to the specific items I carry, but of course chose your own based on needs and preference.  These things make up the Bag of Evil see lots of everyday use, not just emergencies.
Water Bottle

Flashlight (including spare batteries)
Goretex Jacket
Watch Cap
100 Feet of Parachute Cord
100 MPH Tape
Assorted Cable Ties
OTC Medications
Cell Phone Charger
USB Thumb Drive
Hand Sanitizer
Compass/Whistle/Ranger Beads
Paper/Pen or Pencil
Eye Protection
Ear Plugs

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