22 October 2012

Protect your head

RIP Police Officer Kelley Chase, Oklahoma City Police Department

RIP Brother

This is an example of how dangerous falling on the back of your head can be. Most people reading this are adults, and if you don't have background  in an MA that included falling it is unlikely you will learn

now. We cover this in many classes. First by having people squat down and fall back to their strong side, then being pulled back from the same position, they from standing, and then from being pushed, think of your body as a rocker on a rocking horse. Try not to concentrate force on any one area. If you cannot stop the fall with footwork such as widening your base, then go with it. Tuck your chin to your chest, keep your teeth together, and exhale. Something that always helped me was that while I was falling I started thinking about getting up as fast as possible.

Also put yourself in a situation like George Zimmerman where you are flat on your back and your attacker is on top of you. He is unarmed but you hit your head and are loosing consciousness. Your eyes are watery and blurry. Have you trained from this position to draw your pistol and make contact shots? What about drawing your knife, or other tool?. While training for this we have found that carrying weapons behind the pocket seams cannot only cause injury during a fall but makes them extremely hard to deploy, Both because you are laying on top of it, and that you need to totally take at least one of your arms out of the defense and put it behind your back to access your weapon.

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