05 October 2012

More on the problems with OC spray

Selection- any of them, even the POS from Harbor Freight is nasty.
Carry-to use during a spontaneous attack it will need to be in your hand and nobody carries it in their hand.  You cannot carry in government buildings, schools, or airplanes.  Hare to use what you don't have.
Deployment- Still looking for citizens and police with stories of how they used it during an attack, just with someone standing at conversation distance, although all stories are appreciated.  The vast majority of the time OC is used it is by police during a stand off "I am not going to jail" situation.
Use- pretty straight forward

In my opinion the idea of using OC to defend yourself during a violent spontaneous attack is basically and urban legend.  People stand still shocked as they dump a magazine into the chest of a bad guy and he fails to burst into flames, and those are trained people.  How do you think your significant other is going to react when she sprays some crackhead in the face and he punches her in the face as his eyes tear up and his nose runs?

Do yourself a favor, get them a sturdy pen, and train them.  Teach them to stab into the back of a hand that grabs them, and into the face and neck of the attacker.  Pizza boxes are great for this since the get the sensation of puncturing something.

Face / Neck /  Head / Hands  hit with impact weapon until you can get away

Stopping wasting you money on feelgood bullshit and fairy dust.- George

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  1. Every tool has it's place in the self defense hiearchy. I agree, almost no one walks around with pepper spray in hand, but we can say the same about the pistol, baton or folding knife. Awareness, as I have learned not only from my own life expereiences, but reading your blog and others like it, is the key. If I sense trouble, I palm whatever I may be carrying. Some days, that's pepper spray, some days it's something else; pepper spray isn't always the right tool for the job. Regardless, you give good food for thought.