05 September 2012

VIPER Flat IFAK from SO Tech


Type- Pouch

Source- Manufacturer

Price- $95.00

Color- Coyote

Weight with contents as reviewed- 1.7 ounces

Size (loaded)- 8.5 W X 6.5 X 2.5 thick

Shown with Glock 19
The first time I saw the VIPER Flat IFAK was at SHOT Show 2012 at the SO Tech Both.  I immediately liked the design because one of the things I hate about most IFAKs is that once contents are added they usually look like swollen ticks.  Even with contents, the VIPER is only 2.5 inches thick.  This lends it to being easy to put in your pack, briefcase, or glove box.  However, the intent was that it be used in conjunction with the VIPER plate carrier, attaching with SO Tech's patented BLOCS System.

The VIPER IFAK is comprised of two main parts, the carrier and the insert.  The carrier is open on both sides and is covered with MOLLE.  There are two Flex Tabs on the back allowing you to attach the VIPER to anything with MOLLE webbing.  I am a fan of the Flex Tab because they are easier to attach and remove than anything with Velcro or snaps.  The insert has ambidextrous drag hands, allowing it to be pulled through either side of the carrier.  In the picture, you can see that one of my handles has a red mercleash on it identifying it as an IFAK. It is very helpful if you have to send someone to retrieve it.

VIPER IFAK Carrier and Insert

Around the outside of the insert you will find a paracord cinch strap, that allows you to pull everything tight if you need to move fast.  The insert can then be hung around the neck.

Once the insert is removed from the carrier, it has two flaps that secure the contents.

My VIPER contains the following-

  • Israeli Bandage
  • CAT Tourniquet
  • Two packs of Quick Clot
  • Personal meds kit
  • Boo Boo Kits (bandaids, burn cream etc)
I would say that with the above contents my VIPER is about 80% full.  As you can see, there is a slot for EMT Shears.  Not being a fan of those, it is left empty. Currently, the Velcro loop for tape is also empty.  I just carry 100 MPH tape wrapped around the hand sanitizer on my bag.   One Velcro strap holds the CAT Tourniquet.

 The VIPER has been a constant part of the Bag Of Evil for about six months.  It has gone back and forth between several packs, and I have had to send someone for it twice.  During those times, the one thing that struck me was how nice it was to have a place to lay your stuff out while rendering care.

Never considering myself a latest and greatest type, the VIPER far exceeds any other pouch or carry option for an IFAK.  This one is a keeper.

Like everything produced by SO Tech, the VIPER is proudly made in the USA and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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