04 September 2012

Edged Weapon Survival Course for Law Enforcement

This intensive 8 hour course is intended to educate the officers about the use and defense of edged weapons.  This course provides skill sets that are compatible with all use of force paradigms, while at the same time putting the safety of the officer at the forefront.

Morning Session- Spontaneous Attack Suppression

Topics covered include-
·         Use of force
·         Combative Fundamentals
·         Combative Anatomy
·         Selection, carry, deployment, and use of edged weapons
·         Three phases of an edged weapon attack
·         Common angles of attack
·         Constant tactical positioning
·         Responding to furtive movement
·         Principle based responses

Afternoon Session- Tactical Folding Knife for LE
Topics covered include-
·         Role of the tactical folder in law enforcement
·         Selection, carry, and use of the tactical folder
·         Principle of required extension
·         Role of the live hand

Both days will include force on force. Safety gear will be provided.

Required equipment- mouthpiece, wrap around eye protection, duty belt (with keepers), Blue Gun or issued weapon with training barrel.

Suggested equipment- body armor.

Uniform of the day- BDUs or other comfortable clothes.

Upon completion each student will receive the following certificates-

Edged Weapons Survival for Law Enforcement
Spontaneous Attack Survival for Law Enforcement
Tactical Folding Knife for Law Enforcement

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