31 August 2012

Spontaneous Attack Survival Course Description

Course- Spontaneous Attack Survival 

Pre-requisite: None

Course Description: This course is intended to give the student a solid foundation in combatives.  SAS is based on human psychology, anatomy, and physiology, as it relates to interpersonal combat at contact distance.  Emphasizing defending against edged weapons forces the student to maintain control of the attacker until they are no longer a threat.  Responding to every attack as if it were an edged weapon attack insures favorable outcomes in the most disadvantaged situations.

The following firearms training topics will be covered:

·         Judicious use of deadly force
·         Combative Anatomy
·         Why pressure points fail
·         Three phases of combat
·         Myths of knife fighting
·         How bad guys select, carry, and use edged weapons
·         Preparatory and Execution movements
·         Three phases of an edged weapon attack
·         Use of personal weapons
·         Fighting off your stomach
·         Fighting off your back
·         Using your environment as a weapon
·         Vertical Stabilization  (staying on your feet)
·         Your environment as a weapon
·          Force on force drills and scenarios against open hand, impact, and edged weapon attacks

Course duration: 1 day (8 hours) 

Course tuition: Call for pricing 

Course student limit: 24 

Student requirements: Wrap around eye protection, mouth piece

Recommended equipment: 
Comfortable clothes, headgear, forearm pads, water bottle

Hosting requirements:  Large room.  Ability to use Power Point is helpful but not required.

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