30 August 2012

Sponaneous Attack Survival SAT 15SEP12 New Freedom PA

This intensive four hour course is intended to give the student a solid foundation in combatives. SAS is based on human psychology, anatomy, and physiology, as it relates to interpersonal combat at contact distance.
Topics covered include

• Judicious use of deadly force
• Combative Fundamentals
• Combative Anatomy
• Defending against the most common attacks
• Use of personal weapons
• Vertical Stabilization (staying on your feet)
• Your environment as a weapon
• Force on force drills and scenarios against open hand, impact, and edged weapon attacks
Required equipment – mouthpiece, wrap around eye protection, towel, and cup are recommended.
Course includes certificate and expert witness testimony in any departmental, criminal, or civil prosecution involving covered subject matter. Defendant pays travel expenses.
Class also includes a free intro to Inverted Edge Tactics

Course includes handouts and certificate. Cost of the course is $75
To register call 717-889-1753 or e-mail

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