31 August 2012

SAFE Course Description

Course- SAFE (Safety & Awareness for Everyone)

Pre-requisite: None

Course Description:  Safety & Awareness is an interactive lecture course.  Over two hours, attendees will learn to see the world around them from a different perspective allowing them to identify potential dangers and threats that others miss.  In addition to processing this information they will also learn proven avoidance strategies allowing them to escape potential emergencies, such as active shooters and criminal assault.  Provides standardized education and training for students of employers.
The following training topics will be covered:
  • Controlling your environment
  • Personal security concepts
  • Things you should always carry
  • Physical security concepts
  • How to survive an active shooter
  • Cover vs. Concealment
  • Caretaker strategies for those moving with children or disabled persons
  • Fight - Flight - Freeze
  • Stalking
Course duration: 2 hrs
Course tuition: Call for pricing
Course student limit: N/A
Student requirements:  N/A

Recommended equipment: 
 Hosting requirements:  Large classroom or auditorium with Power Point capability

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