31 August 2012

Personal Protection Course Description

Personal Protection

This intensive  hour course was created to educate and train attendees in the three A’s of Personal Protection:  Awareness, Avoidance, and Aggression. Attendees are educated on how to increase their situational awareness by recognizing subtle clues most people miss. Next, they are provided with strategies that will allow them to avoid many dangerous situations. Lastly, they are taught how to effectively use aggression as a last resort.  This course is for everyone. The common class sizes start at 10 people.  

  • What is a personal protection plan
  • The three types of awareness
  • Reading people & environments
  • Survival strategies fro structures, vehicles, and open spaces
  • Three things you need to carry at all times
  • Surviving the Active Shooter
  • Principle based responses to the most common attacks
  • Self-defense and the law
  • Improvised weapons
  • Working with the police after an incident


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