31 August 2012

Personal Preparedness 101 Course Description

Personal Preparedness 101
Personal Preparedness 101 is an intensive 4 hour course of lecture and hands on training for people who realize that their well being is their own responsibility.  All the gear and gadgets in the world are no good to you without training.  We also know that emergencies of all types happen when you least expect them.  For this reason, our course is based on educating you about the things you need to have with you all the time and how to use them.  After covering bare essentials, we will move on to the selection and use of specialized gear.  Topics covered include-
  • Bag selection (including organization)
  • Water containers
  • Water purification
  • Shelter (maintaining body temperature)
  • Tools
  •  Communications
  •  First Aid Kits
  •  Cordage     
  •   Fire starting
  •  Gear Repair
  •   Basic Knots
  •    Protective equipment
  •    Flashlights

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