31 August 2012

Inverted Edge Tactics Course Description

Course- Inverted Edge Tactics

Pre-requisite: None

Course Description: Inverted Edge Tactics is for the person who may have to rely on an edged weapon to save their life, but does not wish to attend ongoing training to learn “knife fighting” secrets. IET requires no prior training and does not rely on any specialized blades. IET is the only defense driven edged weapon system.  This is the only system for using an edged weapon for defense that works for all three phases of combat; standing free range movement, clinch, and on the ground. The class is taught with provided Spyderco Endura trainers. 

The following firearms training topics will be covered:
·         Knife fighting vs defending yourself with a knife
·         Selection of a primary defensive knives (fixed and folder)
·         Carry of the primary defensive knife
·         Carry vs Deployment options
·         Deployment of the primary defensive knife
·         Judicious use of deadly force
·         Combative Anatomy     

Course duration: 1 day (8 hours)
Course tuition: Call for pricing
Course student limit: 24
Student requirements: Wrap around eye protection, mouth piece

Recommended equipment: 
Comfortable clothes, headgear, personal training knives (fixed and folders) water bottle
 Hosting requirements:  Large room.  Ability to use Power Point is helpful but not required.

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