31 August 2012

Combative Pistol Course Description

Combative Pistol

This intensive one day (8 hr)  course is intended to give the shooter the skill to survive a gunfight that occurs at 3-5 feet, in 3-5 seconds, shooting 3-5 rounds. This is a non-ballistic course. All training will be conducted with Blue/Red Guns and supplied KWA G17s. No live firearms will be permitted in the training area. Students are encouraged to bring their own training gun and air soft. Some of the topics covered will include-

  • ·         Understanding Deadly Force
  • ·         Selection & Carry of the Combat Pistol
  • ·         Combative Fundamentals
  • ·         Combative Anatomy
  • ·         Intentional vs. Default Targeting
  • ·         Weapon Retention in and out of the holster
  • ·         Gun Grappling
  • ·         Role of open hand combatives with the pistol

Class includes force on force with provided safety gear. Required equipment- Belt mounted holster with Blue / Red Gun, mouthpiece, wrap around eye protection. Wear the type of clothes you do any other day (no training costumes)

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